Membership Benefits

MCASC has been serving the Electrical, Mechanical (HVAC), and Plumbing Industries since 1912. With over 95 years of experience, MCASC has established itself as a very reputable professional organization. MCASC offers benefits that are of value to its members. Some of these association benefits include:


Membership Brochure
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Membership Application
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  • * Established track records in working with other industry associations, trade groups and governmental agencies on industry related issues
  • * Provides industry-related training programs to all members
  • * Known for being a proactive organization with governmental heads on legislative issues affecting the industry
  • * Recognized as the leader in establishing industry standards
  • * Provides members with comprehensive and continuous access to industry updates and information
  • * Maintains a successful track record in positively influencing licensing and regulations in the State
  • * Makes available a 65 person state-of-the-art training room for members to use for company functions
  • * Gain easy access to MCASC’s legal counsel, accountant and educational/training professionals for below market fee structures
  • * Awards scholarships annually to deserving college and university students pursuing a career in the Electrical, Mechanical (HVAC), and Plumbing industries
  • * Receives updates on legislative and regulatory issues that affect the industry
  • * Provides automatic free membership to The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce
  • * Leading an initiative with the Department of Education to encourage the construction industry as a viable career choice amongst primary and secondary school students, counselors, administrators, teachers, and parents
  • * Promotes fair and ethical bidding practices
  • * Participates in Career Days throughout the State to promote the industry and encourage young adults to pursue careers in this industry
  • * Sponsors Electrical, Mechanical (HVAC), and Plumbing competitions at the annual State Skilled Competitive Events to encourage high school students to pursue careers in this industry
  • * Maintains open communications and meets with other industry associations on issues of mutual interest
  • * Sponsors competitive insurance programs including property & casualty, workers’ comp., group health and employee benefits


Membership levels



Service Contractor Only





Class I (Licensed not to exceed $17,500.00)





Class II (Licensed not to exceed $30,000.00)





Class III (Licensed not to exceed $50,000.00)





Class IV(Licensed not to exceed $125,000.00)





Class V (Unlimited License)





Associate Member










Associate Contractor





Bulletin Subscriber





Code of Ethics


  • * To consider our trade worthy as affording us distinct opportunities to serve society
  • * To improve ourselves, increase our efficiency and enlarge our service, and by so doing attest our faith in the fundamental principles of life, that we profit most who serve best
  • * To realize that we are businesspeople and ambitious to succeed; but that we are first ethical people, and wish no success that is not founded on the highest justice and morality
  • * To make all bids fair to our customer and ourselves and include our overhead expense and a just profit in each instance
  • * To use modern engineering methods and insist on high-grade materials and equipment, which are always better for our customer and the public
  • * To enter enthusiastically into the association work - to give as well as take - and do our part in elevating the industry
  • * To support all progressive moves that are being carried out along the lines of trade extension, standardization and sanitation
  • * To conduct our affairs that others in our business will find it wise, profitable and conductive to happiness to emulate our example
  • * To execute our work in conformity with the laws of our city, state, and of the United States of America
  • * To refuse to be a party to any agreement or action that in any way violates the law of our land
  • * To cultivate a cooperative spirit among its Members and encourage respect for the rights of others, with proper regard for ethics and rules governing fair competition
  • * To improve the standard of services rendered by its Members to the Public